Marine Tracking

GPRS trackers for commercial vessels

Marine Tracking

Commercial vessels & tenders can be more cost-effective by selecting the right technology for your application. GPRS Trackers are generally the best option for Port operations & harbourside activity, with coverage up to several miles off-shore. Our Global roaming SIMs with extremely low data costs will suit even the smallest budget, with a saving of over 50% compared to satellite tracking. You can track 'live' within cell range, & log data for retrieval in other areas so you always have a complete log of your vessel's movements.

Using a Satellite Tracker will keep you connected to all your vessels at all times anywhere on longer voyages. You can improve logistics & security by using GPS tracking devices on vessels of any size, including non-powered craft. The advantages are clear - you'll be able to instantly see where all your marine traffic and other assets are, and more importantly log every event & movement of boats, vehicles, assets & people. Detailed reports of fleet activity can be viewed on demand, or completely automated - saving time by receiving emailed pdf. or excel reports to a user group on a daily or weekly schedule. Marine tracking software

Alert types can be entry/exit from fixed geofences to notify arrival/departure from harbours or moorings, or speed/safety warnings of movements in restricted areas. Maintenance alerts can be set for device low battery, external power level or most other types of analog/digital events depending on the type of tracking device installed.


    Tracking Features & Benefits

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  • GPRS, Satellite, battery & hard-wired trackers or handsets all monitored together
  • Geofence zone control for safety or hazard alerts
  • All events logged for detailed reporting on demand

Marine Tracking Telemetry report

Fleet tracking products: DQ50 GPRS Battery powered tracker; DQ53 Asset Tracker  DQ75 GPRS Wired tracker; DQ 80 Satellite tracker