Asset Management Software

Duotraq's Asset management software: a flexible tool for remotely monitoring  Online GPS  tracking softwarepeople, assets or groups.

Login from any internet-connected desktop, tablet or phone via a secure password. You can view everything on the same map, create unlimited geofence zones & alerts, and make changes whenever you like.

Many types of device hardware are integrated onto our system, including GPRS & Satellite products, enabling us to cover a wide range of tracking scenarios for powered and non-powered assets. So, if you're looking for satellite tracking software or just asset recovery options for portable equipment, we can almost certainly help.

Typical uses include Boat & Vehicle Security; Leisure & Commercial Marine Vessel Tracking; Watersports equipment Tracking; Group tracking for Adventure Sports; Lone Worker Protection; Asset 'Track & Trace' & Inventory Control; Container Tracking; Logistics Management.

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Asset Management Features: