Yacht Charter Tracking

Yacht monitoring system - tracing device and software for your Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Monitoring System

Yacht Charter & jetski rentals can be more easily managed with our fleet tracking system. You can also improve your Yacht security using our boat monitoring devices to create unauthorised movement or speed alerts. Charter Yacht Owners, Charter Managers & Sailing Schools can see the location of all boats in their Yacht Charter Fleet at any time, and ensure the safety of clients by setting up 'safe'  'hazard' and 'low speed' zones to receive email alerts. A safe zone might include a marina HQ or mooring, while a hazard might be a sandbank or submerged debris. Any number of these 'geofence' zones can be setup for your own Yacht tracker application. During winter or non-operational periods, onboard GPS trackers can be configured for Yacht alarm anti-theft notifications.

GPRS & Satellite trackers

Self-contained devices can be easily fitted for coverage inland, harbourside or off-shore, all controlled within the same account. If you're a Charter owner, private yacht charter can be less risky when you know exactly where your boat's been cruising & have a record of all journeys & system events or alarms, particularly if you need to calculate fuel costs or rental duration. You can also get updates on cruising miles covered or engine hours accumulated to notify you of service intervals on your engine.

We have a wide range of tracking devices to suit most vessel types either with or without power, including GPRS for areas with cellular coverage such as marinas, harbours & rivers, and Satellite for tracking further off-shore & blue water cruising. Larger companies can benefit from having boats, vehicles & personal trackers on the same account to improve logistics, security & safety. Charter clients can get a log of their sailing history as evidence of sailing miles covered, or just to record points of interest during a cruise.

Installing GPS tracking devices

All Duotraq hardware types are pre-configured & setup on our tracking portal, and generally only require fixing in a suitable location on board, either wired to your yacht's supply, or for self-powered devices just placed on a horizontal surface using screws, cable ties or velcro. Self-install is usually possible, but some technical expertise may be necessary for systems with several external sensors connected. We're happy to advise the best hardware & optimum setup for your fleet, however large or small.

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Duotraq Fleet Tracking System Features

  • Live tracking & daily status
  • Journey history logged
  • Geofence zone alerts for anti-theft & safety notifications
  • Cellular/GPRS or Satellite coverage
  • Wired, battery-powered & handset devices available

Duotraq Tracking Software




Fleet tracking products

Cellular:   DQ54 Asset Tracker   DQ50 Asset Tracker  DQ53 Asset Tracker

Satellite:   DQ80   Spot Trace

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